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Throwback Thursday – The Geek Baby Contributions

After yesterday’s post, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic – and one of the best things from the site to celebrate has to be the great collection of posts that our contributors put together for when the Geek Baby was born. You can see the original here, at which point I was working on building up towards our current site.  I’ll go ahead and just include the links below!




Summer of Sandman

TV Shows

Cleopatra 2525

The Flash

Star Wars Rebels

Supernatural – Heroes and Villains

The Daredevil Series

Lists, Rants, and Stories

Top 10 Things from the 90’s that Live On in Japan

Dubbing and Subtitles

Geeks and Burnout

Munchkin Cthulhu and Hellboy

Character Studies

Cat and Cersei