Meme Monday – Change my dear, and not a moment too soon!

The announcement came in! New Doctor! And it’s a woman, as they have been toying with and teasing for a few Doctors now. They tested the waters with Missy, the female Master. But now, Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor.

There we are, the foreshadowing come true. I mean, we didn’t have to wait long from this line…

We were just kind of happy and content, trying to remember her acting from the main thing we’ve seen her in – Broadchurch, which we loved. However, apparently there was a whole different reaction – which we would not have known about without the memes and comments against their reaction.

Wait what?

Oh. Oh because of course. This would of course be the next battleground for the reactionaries to defend fandoms from most any sort of change or diversity. I saw at least one place with evidence that there were people coming over and commenting and causing trouble without being fans: on the following image, where I sadly went into the comments (trying to figure out what all the hubbub was about).

Because there were people who counted, and pointed out there were 14 there. So she’s the 14th Doctor. I hate to push my glasses up my nose and say “well, any fan would know…” but I’m going to do it here. Because the answer lies in the heavily advertised and televised 50th Anniversary Special, and the War Doctor. He is the same character, in terms of regeneration, but is not “the Doctor.” He was ret-conned in and explained, and is being honored by inclusion in an image like this.

It’s a thing.

So yeah, people were mobilized to speak out against this without being truly invested – so when they say they won’t watch the show now, well, I’m betting they already weren’t.

Meanwhile, there were other complaints.

Thanks Nardole.

Meanwhile, can we move on and be concerned about the plot ramifications? About the next companion, how the Doctor will react, and what reasons there might be for it? There’s at least one going theory…

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