Do you expect the things you say and do online will be seen by the people you’re talking about?

Long title, but it’s a bit of a complex idea… when you review or talk about someone and their work online, do you expect it to be seen? Say, like in this video?

Teens react to Linkin Park reacts to Teen React to Linkin Park!

The Fine Brothers have a few times now had the subjects of their React videos watch the React video… taking it next level to getting those original reactors to watch the reaction is just so meta.

But there’s also the attitude that the teens really never expected anything they said to be heard by Linkin Park. And really, that seems reasonable. There’s so many people saying so many things online, every day. Being found by interested readers or viewers is hard – think of every YouTube video you’ve ever seen where they ask you to like and subscribe to their channel. You’ve found them, and they don’t want to lose you.

Being noticed by the people you’re reviewing? It’s rare.

We’ve had it happen at times, with our site. Elliott Morgan did. Focus Features shared our review of The World’s End, that was cool. But other things we’ve done that seemed like they should get notice – say, using a hashtag – end up going unnoticed. You just never know.

So I get it – the teens thinking they could speak without the thought that they would be seen by the subject. Not just in this case, but really, all of the reactors in all of the react videos. Every once in a while, they’ll ask them a question like “if you could talk directly to” the subject of the video. But still, without the thought that they would actually see it.

Let me turn the question around to you, dear readers: when you’re putting your thoughts and opinions out online, do you do so thinking that the subject of your comments will see them? That your positive reviews might elicit joy in them? Your negative ones elicit defensiveness? In your social media, in your blog posts, in your YouTube videos and all the rest. What do you think?


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