Daily Archives: May 30, 2017

Starting to look at: Sling TV

So we’ve talked about before how we’ve dropped cable and are just streaming. It’s led to some interesting problems like watching shows on the app from the channel and dealing with their new episode embargos, as well as keeping up so as not to have the new episode fall out of the most recent 5. We’ve moved to an unlimited data ISP.

Still, it’s been a cobbled-together replacement for what we used to do, which was watch some TV, record some shows we watched, and all that sort of TV interaction. Now we watch YouTube for “channel surfing,” and constantly feel the need to be keeping up with our other shows, so there’s rarely time to branch out. Then NetFlix for finding shows to binge…

However, we’ve now found there’s a new streaming service that replicates a cable subscription: Sling TV. Sling TV gives you the option of a couple of different basic channel sets, and then the ability to pay to add individual channels that you want. “A La Carte TV” as they advertise it.

They also seem to allow for watching all the way up to live TV, as opposed to the delayed model that exists in other streaming and digital media. But it also has some On Demand options and some cloud-based DVR recording. So really, it’s just an Internet-based cable provider, offering you choice and a lower rate.

It’s a good idea, for sure. And you can also subscribe to both of the basic sets, giving you a wider breadth of channels, and more options for your add-on channels. Unfortunately, as I look at the channel listings, I feel like we would want to go with this doubled-up subscription: several of the kids channels – like Disney – are only available on the “orange” plan, and several of the entertainment channels we would want – like USA, FX, and SyFy – are only on the “blue” plan.

The other thing is that it doesn’t seem to necessarily replace another service we currently have. Okay, we’ve already dropped Hulu, and it does duplicate some of Hulu. But it doesn’t step on the toes of NetFlix or HBO Now, so we would still be subscribing there. And we already have so much we’re watching – would we find time for more?

I’m curious at this point if you, dear readers, have or have considered Sling TV. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!