Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

Meme Monday – Magic!

I may have been talked into trying out the mobile game Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest, which is a combination of mana gem matching and a bit of a game of Magic. It’s fast paced and maybe it’ll help fill the void as all my Ascension and Lord of Waterdeep games have dried up…

But it also reminded me that, when it comes to memes, there’s an entire subset of memes out there: fan-made Magic cards. From concepts, to fandoms, to politics, to whatever else – the stuff of other memes, just expressed as a Magic card. When done well, it requires getting clever about the abilities, the color, the cost, the flavor text. Many of them just leave me scratching my head at some of the elements, though to be fair some of that is the fact that I don’t know a number of the newer rules. Like… what’s a Planeswalker?

I thought I would share a few just for a bit of flavor…

I seemed to find political Magic cards for all persuasions. I do have to say that the every turn there’s more useless tokens about the emails is a nice touch… But yeah, not sure I get all of that one, really. The first card is simple and elegant.

Well played.

That sounds about right.

But my favorite I came across for this post:

I like the visual of the first ability, in particular, as you just pick up and head to another game, already in progress. Which is, indeed, the start to most Doctor Who episodes…

How about you – any favorite Magic Card memes? Has this made you run off to Google to find more? Share any good finds with us!