My Short Thoughts on Evil Captain America

I keep reading the headlines about the current Secret Empire storyline in Marvel Comics, and feeling like I should say something about it. My previous writings on comics are some of my most-read material, after all, and here’s all the writing-about-comics material you could ask for!

But I knew I had said something when Captain America first hailed Hydra, and I just went back and read it. And basically… one year later, but all the same thoughts. To enumerate,

  1. It’s probably in poor taste to be doing this with Hydra, given Hydra = Nazis. Just read a similar point on The Mary Sue.
  2. The movies have been getting based on the comics; we’ve reached a point where the comics are being based increasingly on the movies (and wider MCU).
  3. This is all a product of Secret Wars, so it’s a new universe and a new Steve Rogers so it doesn’t have much bearing on what’s come before.

The Mary Sue article I linked to basically argues that that first point invalidates the later two, and perhaps, fair enough. But they also provided exactly what I expected: evidence for point three.

Maybe that’s real Steve Rogers! Who knows, there were quite a few of them on Battleworld. Whatever. The Marvel Universe is dead to me and I’m just really having trouble caring. Should they maybe leave secret Nazi storylines alone? In the current political climate? I mean, DC is responding to the current political moment with the Doomsday Clock:

How about you – are you reading Secret Empire? What are your thoughts on all of this? I’d love to know, because I’m unlikely to read these comics anytime soon myself!

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