History of the Entire World!

This one’s only about a week old, and Fine Brothers Entertainment already got it in front of YouTubers React. And I’m glad they did.

Oh man, the speed and the cuts just get more complicated when you’re switching between the reactors… Still, their discussion about the video is interesting.

For one thing, I was reminded I was a history major when they were talking about how they were amazed at all the things they didn’t know that they were learning…

And their thoughts on using a video like this in teaching were interesting. The idea of using it as a jumping-in point for topics in history class seems good and fun.

However, as they point out in the informational text near the end, the video took creator Bill Wurtz about 11 months to make – so the idea of teachers creating things like this for use in class is a bit intimidating. Which means that for this to work for classes, teachers are stuck either making something like this over a long time, or else they’re stuck waiting for YouTubers to do the work – and hoping they’re accurate.

I’m interested in what you think! And here’s the original, 20ish minute video…


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