Geek Parenting – Comparative Opinions Episode 45

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! In honor of Mother’s Day, hosts Holly and David talk Geek Parenting. Some thoughts on how they became geeks, how they are parenting now, and things they want to do with the Geek Baby in the future. Lots of talk about when it’s right to introduce media, and how. Happy Mother’s Day!

Comparative Opinions is a weekly half-hour-ish podcast hosted on Subscribe for new episodes every Sunday!

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2 responses to “Geek Parenting – Comparative Opinions Episode 45

  1. We love Jeffrey Brown! And I agree it depends on your family being exposed to geekdom early on and especially promoting reading-I grew up in a less geek family but we definitely did Star Wars and our kiddos are familiar with a lot more than I was at their age. I’m the only one on my side with kids so a lot of times the gifts my kids get are very geek related instead of necessarily “age appropriate.” So my 3 year old knows the difference between Star Lord and Star Wars. (Every time we see the Marvel logo he says Star Lord) Also looking back it’s completely different rewatching these classic 80s and 90s movies as a parent. I do read Harry Potter to my kids pretty early on but usually not all the way through and just to promote language. What are your favorite geek baby things? I’m so excited you guys did geek parenting this week I love hearing this kind of stuff

    Also our biggest supporter in baby geekdom is our library! We have TONS of awesome programs and I love the organization of the books for kids-based on characters not authors and have different levels of readers so you can start your littles on Star Wars, Marvel, etc.


    • Sorry, saw the comment the other day but lost track of it! Glad you enjoyed the ‘cast!

      Figuring out “age appropriate” is definitely difficult (especially since we keep buying things that claim to be for an age at least 1 year older than the Geek Baby), and I can appreciate the increased challenge of that without kids if I’m struggling with it with a kid! Focusing in on characters or geeky things can definitely help with that 🙂

      We read most of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with the Geek Baby as an early book, before the board books and such were of much interest. I was actually a little sad that we didn’t quite finish it, but that’s just the completionist in me… it does mean we avoided the most perilous bits!

      Hmmm favorite Geek Baby things… I mean, one thing we love are the Sesame Street parodies. They get us really engaged and laughing and enjoying it along with her. She also had interest in phones from an early age, so a toy phone that plays music was good (even though that means that the thought of her having some sort of smart device at how young an age?!?). But I think books are the number one place where we have geeky things in front of her! This is probably a topic for us to return to more in the future, for sure.

      As to the library, we have not gone to ours much with her yet. We did grab a couple of board books from a library the other day, so kind of a first visit. We’re probably at an age where she could go and interact with and enjoy a storytime, though! Sounds like your library has some great stuff going on!


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