Daily Archives: May 10, 2017

And now, DeFranco Nation.

Not long ago I was talking about how Philip DeFranco seemed to be moving towards a news network, but was also working on disentangling himself from old contracts and arrangements. Well, it seems like his independence has been won, and the work has indeed begun on the news network!

No corporate backers, new office space, and a new drive forward. We’ve been watching his show for years now, and I think these next steps make sense. As I said before, I do wonder if the perfect window has passed for starting this sort of a venture up – whether new news organizations like News & Guts caught the right moment, but that now it’s too late. I suppose it remains to be seen, and his past success with his shows and YouTube awards shows means he has a shot at this.

A lot of people have been re-subscribing to the news, but Holly and I have not added a news subscription yet. However, the DeFranco Elite backing – on Patreon – might be the place for us to invest a bit in the news. What do you think?