Daily Archives: May 8, 2017

Crowd Sourcing for Meme Monday

Hello and welcome to another Meme Monday! It’s still Monday, a little bit… I waited on this one to give more time: I asked for some memes online! And friends did not disappoint.

You’ve potentially seen this before yourself… people asking on social media what the most recent meme on your phone is. I laugh when it’s a fandom/meme page asking… you know they’re just going to add it to their queue and run it later! But when it’s a friend, well, contributing isn’t bad, right? Here was mine recently:

Used this recently in relation to the Geek Baby…

First off, it definitely seems that some folks have politics on the mind, and more importantly, that they are interacting with politics on a memetic level. Since I feel like I have been relating to the world increasingly through memes, I have to say I approve…

The Macron Macaron.

However, there were also some fun ones with people using memes to take apart an idea, to mash up different things and… well, they were good.

Poor sloth :/

I am grateful to all who contributed to this, who shared when I asked. I have to admit, I was surprised by some of the folks who did – but it goes to show how far memes, and image macros, and social media, has become a part of our lives. For good or ill, it is our times. That all said, there’s one that spoke to me on a deeper level…

Oh, and I learned something. You apparently should be careful using words like “phone” on Twitter:

This is by no means an endorsement of this ridiculousness.