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5 Rediscovered Albums

I used to make playlists a lot, and play them shuffled. Shuffle them up again and again until the order looked good and interesting. There’s lots of songs that just kind of sneak their way into my playlists, songs that I’m used to hearing as random singles in a playlist rather than in their normal context. I’ve had one really good playlist like that which I’ve just kind of been widgeting around with for a few years, in between listening to albums.

So I’ve been working on making a new, mondo playlist. Lots of my favorites from tons of artists. It’s a work in progress, as I’ve worked from one artist’s work to the next alphabetically. And in doing so, I’ve found some music I haven’t listened to in years, songs that I had loved from listening to the album as a whole, or maybe on some older playlists. So I thought I would share 5 of the great ones I’ve rediscovered!

Alien Ant Farm – truANT

I figure most people know Alien Ant Farm from their cover of “Smooth Criminal.” The rest of that first album (ANThology) was pretty great too, with my favorite song by far being “Universe.” Meanwhile, their third album was really good, and I spent a listened to it pretty obsessively for quite a while – oh, “She’s Only Evil…” I got almost burnt out on that album, but remembered my love for it.

But their middle album, truANT? Had kind of forgotten how much fun that album was.

truANT is a blast. I’ve definitely had “Hope” stuck in my head several times since I rediscovered this album. They have a pretty recent album after a long hiatus, but I haven’t listened to it much…

Coldplay – Parachutes

I found Coldplay because of “Clocks,” with that piano line, with the light show and the song and all. While they have successively lost me over time, the album I went to after A Rush of Blood to the Head was Parachutes, their first album. And really, they have probably not outdone themselves with anything they’ve done since.

So many good songs on this album, beyond the singles that I had actually known before knowing the artist: “Trouble” and “Yellow.” It’s an album that put them on the map, defined their sound, and wasn’t to be repeated.

Dirty Vegas – One

Here’s another band where I can probably say there’s one song that most of you know this band for: “Days Go By,” with the amazing dancing. There’s another one where the original album was great, and includes several of the songs nearest and dearest to my heart. And hey, it’s another band with a long hiatus as well, with some more recent stuff which I’ve listened to a bit…

However, after their solidly Euro-techno start, I remember reading that the band found that they loved doing concerts, and that it’s harder to tour and concert with their more heavily produced techno music. So their second album, One, was a much more “standard” sort of album. It’s quite the departure from their original sound, and I don’t think it was very well received. Taken on its own, however, One is a great album.

Some of the great lyrics and singing like the first album, but trading in strings for the techno… I like it. Definitely one to check out if you don’t know it.

The Dead Weather – Horehound

A side project of Jack White’s, The Dead Weather’s first album was apparently put together in a matter of weeks, and released with some pretty raw early sorts of recordings of the songs. However, rough and raw songs presented in a rough and raw way kind of works. The songs are perhaps a bit ridiculous (“Treat Me Like Your Mother“), but the album as a whole is strong.

With The Dark Tower on the mind, this song’s always made me think of those books:

Hey, pretty good live recording!

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Rome

Ironically, Rome led me down a path of music that I still haven’t completely come back from… and yet the album itself (which I listened to on repeat for quite a while once discovered) I haven’t listened to in quite a while.

Oh my gosh, there’s an official music video for that song? Alright then. Princess Mononoke, anyone?

This album is great, with instrumental songs interspersed with Jack White and Norah Jones. Just beautiful. This is one to listen to if you haven’t, absolutely.

I may end up doing this again, if I have more rediscovered finds from later in the alphabet! But for now, let me know what you think of these nostalgia albums! That, or let me know what you think about how easy it is to find music on YouTube, wow…