Doctor Who Series 10

Now this is only after watching the first two episodes of Doctor Who Series 10, but so far I am loving the new companion. Bill as played by the amazing Pearl Mackie is absolutely brilliant. So far the episodes have really turned around in my opinion. I have always loved Peter Capaldi, but Clara in particular was just lacking. Watching this new companion I am kind of realizing the difference. Clara was always a little bit lacking because she was sort of forced in to traveling with the Doctor and even though she enjoys going along there was a little bit of a lack of joy in some of her travels. In Bill we have found the joy of traveling with the Doctor again.

Sense of Wonder

In the first episode we find that the reason that the Doctor took interest in Bill to begin with is because of the fact that she smiles when she doesn’t know something. It shows that she has an inherent sense of wonder. To smile at something you don’t understand shows a general wonder about the unknown. I could see why the Doctor would want this in a companion because I think it helps him to remember that the things he does are pretty amazing. At 2,000 years old I think sometimes the Doctor can lose his sense of wonder and it is so important to remember that time.

A Challenger

The other thing that Bill brings to the table is something that I have not fully seen from a companion since Donna and that is a challenger. She does not let the Doctor get away with much of anything and she pushes him to recognize the right thing. She is not there to just admire the Doctor, she questions and pushes him and he pushes back. He makes her see things differently then she has ever seen them before. It is great because it is such a great give and take relationship which is something that has been lacking on the show for a while.

Back to Basics

We still have the larger vault mystery to wonder about, but we are coming back to what we love about the Doctor. He is traveling with Bill around the universe to the future and the past saving people. We are not embroiled in some larger plot that takes seasons to come to conclusion. We are at the core of what Doctor Who is supposed to be; a mad man in a blue box traveling through time, never ending up where he wants, but always where he is supposed to be.

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