Mass Effect Andromeda – Wait, what controversy?

Well, apparently I’m disconnected from the “meme warriors” and the men’s rights folks and the gatekeepers and whoever else… I just wanted to see if there were any fun memes about Mass Effect Andromeda, post a few perhaps, and head off to play the game a bit before bed.

Instead, I found that apparently, there’s a whole backlash of people who are saying that the game has bad graphics. Specifically, bad graphics for the female characters. Making them less attractive. I’ll skip linking to anything, but the main article I’m seeing is from the Sun in the UK, so, tabloid. Good times.

It’s a chance to complain about social justice warriors, to just keep pointless vitriol going. If I had to complain about something in the graphics, it’s definitely font size: trying to read anything in the game is a pain!

So I didn’t find any memes that weren’t somehow revolving around this, most of them crude and awful. To be fair, many of them resemble some of the awful screen captures of male Shepard from the first series… which tend to be in the same vein, so probably the same folks making and sharing them.

Ugh. Had you heard of this controversy? Noticed anything on your own? (I haven’t) What do you think?


2 responses to “Mass Effect Andromeda – Wait, what controversy?

  1. I heard people talking about it online before I played. I don’t mind the graphics at all, though. Like you, I’m more affected by practical things like font size =P (especially after watching Persona 5, whose menus are just amazing…)


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