Introducing Science Fiction Saturdays!

Hello dear readers! We’ve been looking for some new ongoing series to run, and one that has been kicking around is a Science Fiction series. Since alliteration and the Internet are good friends, Science Fiction Friday or Science Fiction Saturday seemed good… and we’re going with Saturday!

If you’ve been reading us a while, you know that we love Science Fiction. We used to have a number of ongoing Science Fiction based series which we did not carry over to the new site necessarily, but which might be something you can expect to see on Science Fiction Saturdays. Here are some of the science fiction related articles you might see:

  • Science Fiction Today. This was one of the most fun series that we’ve run on Comparative Geeks. I think that the explanation of what the series was about was best explained as being about Wicked Problems: social or technological issues today that, in science fiction, we can look at the world after a resolution of the problem one way or another. We also tended to look at how science fiction often looks at both sides of a resolution, towards Utopia or towards Dystopia.
  • Science Fiction and Religion. This series kicked off after reading the book A Case of Conscience, and got us thinking about how science fiction either has religion but lacks aliens, or the opposite. There are some interesting topics or case studies there, and there may be some more to explore in the future.
  • Products of the Apocalypse. Okay, it needed a name, and here it is! This is a new series, exploring the thought that, if society started to crumble or we ended up in a post-apocalyptic setting or dystopia, what about our everyday items? What can we not survive without, or what would be good to have? We’ll see how this one goes, but there’s plenty to talk about here if all goes well!
  • Hannah’s Star Trek posts. Part of the reason that Saturday seemed like a good day for this is that Hannah already runs a Star Trek post each month, generally on the first Saturday. They’ve been great so far, and there’s a lot more Star Trek for her to watch as she goes through all the series!
  • And more! Yeah, probably doesn’t need an explanation.

So come back each week for more Science Fiction goodness! And do you want to write something for Science Fiction Saturday? Have an idea for something for us to write? Let us know in the comments below, or message us on Facebook or Twitter!


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