Are we just getting too old?

It’s always a question people seem to ask as they get older… am I losing track of the culture? Do I no longer understand those young folks? Holly and I had that question with a couple of videos recently from the React Channel.

We didn’t really know much of the slang… we didn’t know the songs… man, are we just out of touch? Has it finally happened? I mean for one thing, the Internet does a good job of keeping us all connected to the culture. Especially the slang. Although the Internet has made it even easier to cut out the radio completely… so where would I run into music I’m not interested in?

The other thing that I wonder about… when I was younger, would I have known these things? And I feel like maybe the answer is no. The music isn’t my genre, and I think I’m more into movie quotes than slang… So maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s just a couple of videos like this in a week’s time.

Maybe they were going with more obscure things to see what happened on the video?…

Yeah, probably not that.


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