Mass Effect Andromeda Female Characters

So I have only gotten through the first two planets on Mass Effect Andromeda so don’t know that I can talk too much about the game overall quite yet. The one thing that I have definitely noticed is that there are some amazing female characters so far. There were definitely some strong female characters in the past games as well, but I don’t know why in this new game I am definitely loving so many of the female characters. Most of them are coming along the adventure with you, but there are others that you just interact with along the way. It has just felt kind of refreshing to see a lot of females getting stuff done and taking care of business.

Women in Leadership

So far we are seeing quite a few women in leadership positions. The head of the Colonial effort is a female human and even though I don’t like her I appreciate that she is in a position of leadership and is making some difficult decisions.

Then you end up with Vetra a female Turian who when you are first introduced to her you see her basically figure out how to get things done.  The broken bureaucracy on the main hub is crazy and we need to get out and explore – so Vetra makes sure that we can get going.

Now I think my favorite woman of leadership is the female Krogan Kesh who runs the inventory for the hub. She is one of the few folks who actually understands what is going on, which makes her awesome. She cuts through the bureaucracy and is making sure that inventory keeps flowing.

Women NPC

The other thing I have appreciated is there definitely seems to be a good number of female characters just out in the world. There is great interaction not just with men, but with women on the outposts. They are in all sorts of positions and it is great to see a diversity of characters in a variety of positions. It just feels so refreshing to be interacting with so many female characters out in the world. It is interesting that I feel like it is such a novelty, but it very possibly is. I feel like this game is really pushing the diversity of characters. We have scientists and other human explorers who have come to the far edge of the universe figuring out how to survive. It is not all led by men, it is both men and woman leading the charge in the face of impossible odds.

Diverse Team

The great thing is that the team is incredibly diverse. They make sure that the first team members you have are both a man and a woman. Then as we are introduced to more team members we get more women and then end up with Drack, an old man Krogan who is amazing.

It is such a diverse group and it is great to see that level of camaraderie and competence with such a diverse group. I love everyone on my team and it is just so great to see such amazing female characters who are so bad ass come together.

So we will see how things continue as we go along, but I am really excited with the diversity they have shown so far!


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