Logan – Comparative Opinions Episode 39

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week, hosts David and Holly finally made it to see Logan! Spoilers abound as they gush about this excellent film. Let us know what you thought of Logan!

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Music is by Scott Gratton:

3 responses to “Logan – Comparative Opinions Episode 39

  1. Definitely agree with Holly-
    Loved the artsy cinema and look into aging Xmen but wasn’t a complete Xmen feel.
    I did feel out of touch since I couldn’t figure out the friggen timeline-Days of Future Past really threw me off since X3 killed off Prof. X.
    Also did you notice in Logan his readers he was using had tags on them still 😂
    I didn’t see a Stan Lee cameo so I’m guessing the Deadpool scene beforehand counted?
    Also I missed the bit about the modifying the water in Logan so now I feel like a dummy
    Loved Logan but I wish I would have just watched it without trying to rerack my brain for details


    • Yeah, trying to figure out where this movie fits in the continuity could be headache-inducing. I liked the whole idea that, in response to their lives, X-Men comics were written – but since that didn’t come up in the previous films, that doesn’t help line anything up.

      I definitely loved the simple touch of the tag still being on the reading glasses – proof to the audience that he had just gotten them, after being berated for not being able to read.

      The bit about modifying the water was during the scientist’s speech near the end, as he was explaining what he’d done – right before he was killed. The other kind of only-said-it-once thing that I liked was Logan making the point that people around him tend to get hurt. It’s a common storytelling theme in superhero movies, and it rings true with the story history of the character, but they didn’t beat us over the head with it – or rather, they show us, rather than telling us. There’s a lot of showing and not telling, which I think is part of the reason the movie is so good!


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