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Awkwardly: Still a Work In Progress. Re-Playing Mass Effect 3 for Throwback Thursday

We’ve been thinking and talking a lot about Mass Effect lately, what with the new game out this week. Which has had me thinking a lot about my re-play of Mass Effect 3… and the fact that I haven’t finished that. The whole point of it was to get to the end and see the “new” ending, but before that I got lost in the new DLC’s and all. I apparently stopped right before the best bit of the best one! 

With Andromeda out, I don’t know when I’ll be back to this game… but my initial thoughts on the re-play were interesting for me to re-read, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them as well!

I know, it’s happening. I’m going back to Mass Effect 3.

And I’m playing FemShep with the default look, so… this one!

The timing of the creation of our blog is such that we haven’t necessarily talked much about Mass Effect 3. I don’t think any other game has ever received quite the backlash that this game did. I feel safe in saying that because few games have ever created as much anticipation and fan buy-in as the Mass Effect games – playing the same character, with that many choices and decisions, for that long, is pretty much unprecedented. We cared. And, never have we seen a response like we did with this game – the studio went back and made an “extended cut” ending, supposedly to make it make more sense.

I say supposedly, because I had beat the game and was pretty much done with it before this ending came out. As such, I haven’t seen it. That’s one of a few reasons I decided to replay Mass Effect 3! So let me lay out some reasons, and then share some of my initial experience with the play-through, and maybe you’ll decide you need to re-approach this title as well!

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