Daily Archives: March 20, 2017

“I See You” – The xx

An album that I knew was coming last year (at least according to random sources online) and that I was excited for ended up coming out early this year instead… “I See You” by the xx. Like with many albums, I liked this one well enough when I first listened to it, but it didn’t massively stand out. It opened with a great single that I really liked, but not much else took hold.

That one’s an interesting listen. The xx regularly touch on awkward or obsessive love, so the song is right in line with that. However – and the timing is such that it couldn’t mean this but it’s where my head went anyway when listening to it – it sure sounds like the GOP talking about their president…

Sorry, back to the album. This one song is so good that I found myself coming back to the album, and after often listening to it a few times in a row, I let the rest of the album roll over me.

Many albums for me, and probably most people, take multiple listens to really get into. At this point, I’m waking up with different songs from the album stuck in my head… I love it. Excellent stuff. They succeeded at maintaining their old sound, what you’re coming back for as a fan, while giving it a new twist.

I also just love this band at a fundamental level, the duo of lead singers, and they way they often trade off on verses, if not more frequently. Just great stuff. I definitely recommend giving them a listen if you haven’t! Here’s a couple of songs I love from their first two albums: