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The Definition of Science Fiction – Throwback Thursday

Over the course of Comparative Geeks, I crafted a series exploring this question of the definition of science fiction, by comparing it to fantasy, and by exploring the question from other angles. Each post was originally separated by months, so I’m going to pull it all back together and run it as a weekly Throwback Thursday for the next few weeks! 

I hope you enjoy, and the conversation is certainly not closed on these – tell me what you think!

If it wasn’t obvious so far, one of my favorite things is Science Fiction. The worlds we create, that become science fiction, are often so much fun. They are excellent ways to explore the world that we know and live in, as well as to extrapolate the future or what we might do in a wholly new situation.

For instance, here on Comparative Geeks, we look at how science fiction can inform our current world and our near future, how it can make us look differently at current issues or political situations. You can see our posts like this under the heading Science Fiction Today:

I have also started looking at how science fiction and religion interact. Often, religion is strangely absent from science fiction – or is looked at as the mythology of the past. In particular, I have been working from a perspective in a particular science fiction novel, A Case of Conscience by James Blish. His thought was that the existence of aliens would be particularly troublesome to meld with faith. See my posts on this and others like it in Science Fiction and Religion:

However, underlying all of this is a singular question: What is science fiction? What does it mean, and what are we doing when we produce it, or enjoy it? I have a favorite definition, so let’s look at that, and at a few examples.

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Valerian. Valerian is winning.

Yesterday was a post comparing the recent DC and Marvel comic movie trailers, and asking which one was better or had you more excited.

Then today, since apparently this is awesome trailer week, we got this gem.

I think this is easily – and increasingly – the movie I am most excited for this year. Luc Besson is an amazing director, he seems to have some incredible source material (I think I’m going to have to break down and buy some of the comics on ComiXology), and the technology seems to be at a point where he can do this.

And since it’s based on a comic… well, that means there’s three comic movie adaptation trailers out in just a few days. And of them – I think this one is winning. It’s earlier trailer was great too. And it’s coming out in July as well – if I could only see this or Spider-Man Homecoming, well, sorry Spidey.

But that’s me – what do you think?

Comic Movie Trailers: Who’s Winning Now?

If you’re the DC movie universe, it’s all been building up to this: Justice League, scheduled to come out this November. Their movie universe has had a rocky go of it so far, starting like it did with a contentious movie – Man of Steel – which then had an even further polarizing sequel – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of JusticeSuicide Squad basically played out a scene based on the opening credits scroll of Monty Python and the Holy Grail: hastily redone at the last minute and at great expense.

Possibly with fewer llamas.

They’re powering forward, with their next film, Wonder Woman, looking like it should be fantastic (click here for the latest trailer).

Meanwhile, on the other side, you have this summer’s Spider-Man Homecoming, the third Spider-Man in a decade, and what seems like it should be a really bad spot for Sony – a desperate ploy to make money and keep the rights to this character. However, by teaming up with the MCU and combining universe, this project has gained a lot of confidence. Certainly, the first appearance of this new Spider-Man in Civil War was received well. The first trailer looked cool, plus it has Iron Man!

Anyway, as you may have seen, there was a trailer for both of these films out in the last few days… and then I saw this meme.

What do you think – did Spider-Man Homecoming leave Justice League in the dust? Here’s both trailers for you to watch, then let me know what you think in the comments below!

How Are They Going to Pull Off… A Matrix Reboot

The news has been circulating lately, and I’ve been mulling over it. A Matrix reboot or remake. Huh.

It seems definitely like – while remake might be what we would expect with everything Hollywood has been doing these days – reboot is the more likely route they will go. So not restarting the franchise, but simply dipping back into it. Here’s several articles on the news:

I am unapologetic in the fact that I really like the Matrix trilogy. I think in part I felt a strong connection between the films and the Dune book series, and it felt like the Wachowskis trying to work their way through the themes of the books – much like I was doing myself at the time. I think it was with these films that I coined my often-used phrase, “Just Like Dune.”

But that means the films felt like, for lack of a better term, fandom to me. Fellow travelers in a Dune fandom. But somewhere along the line, I also picked up some Matrix aesthetic (I still love my long black coat), and in writing this post I now have “Mona Lisa Overdrive” stuck in my head – I absolutely loved the music.

The Matrix Reloaded is still one of my go-to pop-in-and-watch movies, though I typically start it roughly when they head back into the Matrix to find the Oracle, and often stop it before reaching the Architect. This skips some of the stronger like-Dune aspects but is just action and effects fun.

All of which is to say… returning to this world? Possibly without the Wachowskis? Disconnected from the plot and characters we know? How do you build a new movie in the Matrix universe? There are only a couple of really big reveals, and it seems like those are already covered. So let’s consider a few things.

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