Book Review: Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Nobody

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick is the second autobiography that I have listened to in audio form as read by the author, and it is another one that I highly recommend. Anna Kendrick’s story is an example of someone who found the thing that they loved to do and kept pursuing it. It also shows that success does not necessarily change how we perceive ourselves, it just changes how much money we have. Anyone who has seen some of Anna Kendrick’s tweets will already have an idea of what this book is going to be like because it is full of her sarcastic personality.

Being Extra Short

There is something to mentally thinking someone is short and then there is hearing about their experience being so short. Anna Kendrick has spent a lot of her life with people thinking she is younger than she is; of course in the movie business that is great, but when you are a teenager it is not so fun. I think my favorite part is her describing fitting into a pair of jeans perfectly only to find out that they are capris.

Her advice to anyone is to not live with what comes off the rack, but get it tailored because you can make things fit better. She even gives specific advice to short people and it is just amazing to think about someone discovering that clothes can actually fit them for the first time.

Honest Discussion of Sex

The discussion of dating and a sex life was actually quite refreshing because it is the honest look at the difference between what society expects and what a woman should expect. I think my favorite piece was her realization that she hated the idea of asking about the number because it shouldn’t matter. She has gotten to the point that basically any guy who wants to know your number is not worth your time. It is so true that the number is often based more on their own insecurities. It is amazing the realization that how society perceives something does not matter – it is how you perceive it.

No Backup Plan

This is something that just makes me respect Anna Kendrick and that is the fact that she moved out to Los Angeles with no back up plan. She didn’t think about going to university or having a safety net. She pushed herself to become an actress. It is amazing hearing about when she first starting becoming known because even though people knew who she was it was not as though she was making a ton of money yet. So she was expected to go to these premieres and press junkets and act like a celebrity before she even had the funding for the celebrity lifestyle. Talking about how when she couldn’t afford it, she had to pay for the designer dresses – and now that she can afford it she gets them for free. It is a ridiculous irony the way that it works. The guts that it takes to take a leap of faith is pretty amazing.

I already loved Anna Kendrick and reading her book just made me love her a little bit more. She just seems like such an amazing, talented person.

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