Daily Archives: February 27, 2017

Meme Monday – On the Phone

It seems that you reach a point when you have to collect memes. If you’re using memes.

It starts on your desktop or otherwise on your computer. Just a meme or two, that you save. “I might need this again later,” you think.

Then you get more of them. Used for passing moments, but saved for later. Just in case.

But you’re not always on your computer. And you reach that moment: you want to use the meme. But you’re on your phone.

And the meme folder on your phone is born.

And once you have it, once you have such a folder… it needs memes. So you hunt some down. Ones you’ve used before. References you love. Things you might use later.

But from there, well, it’s time to make more memes yourself. Maybe you edit up something existing…

Or maybe you put more work into it than that. But from there, the meme folder grows and grows. And you go back to it when you feel the need to reply with a meme.

Or the need to compose a blog post on your phone.

So hit me: what memes are you collecting?