A Quick Recap on Platypus-Con 2017

So we didn’t make it to as much of Platypus-Con 2017 as we’d hoped to, but then, they didn’t need us to.

Sounds like it was very well attended! I didn’t make it until Sunday (and Holly sadly didn’t make it at all, darn being sick!), which meant I didn’t get a commemorative d6 – which is too bad, as I use mine all the time. At least I made it before they sold out!

I got there before the Warmachine & Hordes tournament, and I have to say, it was a good sized crowd already going at 10:30 in the morning.

Dedicated gamers – I wonder how many had been there until 2am the night before? Certainly many of the volunteers! I said hi to a few folks, then I noticed that everyone else was there to get the tournament started – so I headed off to that!

To try not to spam it too much, I shared my tournament games only on our Instagram, so you can check them out there. We got to round three with everyone 1-1, and so the last round determined all of the standings! I ended up taking second, with some really close and tight games. I had a lot of fun, and I hope my opponents all did too!

Chad (who I interviewed recently) sat the tournament out, and instead did demo games. He was busy playing all day, and at the end, someone won a starter box – and they were really happy about it! I’m calling all of that a win as well.

Here’s about the same angle, once we were done with our tournament…

Busy place! And that’s with a lot of the bigger organized games (like the Warhammer 40k Apocalypse giant game) had cleaned up and headed out.

Had to grab something from the store, of course… last copy, as well, so we weren’t the only ones eyeing it:

I heard good things from someone who had played it (and saw that I’d bought a copy). Cooperative? Deck Building? Theme? Yes please! And it has 7 different game setups, one for each book! Replay! And we can play it with just 2…

All-in-all, great Con, and looking forward to next year (when hopefully, we’ll not be sick and plan on times to be there and people to game with!).

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