Painting update!

Yesterday I discussed how I had decided that my creative energies at the moment were going towards painting. And those creative energies lasted past one night! As did a lot of my painting setup! Which helps. A lot of what I hear on podcasts and such from people who actually do a decent amount of painting is that they – shock! – have a painting table. It would help, but with the Geek Baby now toddlering along, space for things she can’t touch is at a premium!

First, in between working on another model, I did get some more work done on the Trolls from yesterday:

They’re looking good together, which means things are working so far with the painting!

I also wanted to test an option for the kilt-like areas. First up: the color Gnarls Green. This is painted over the leather brown, so that might also impact some of the result…

I’m not sold. Although I could use that as a base to do something else with it, like some red? I’m also not sure what I think of the area above the stitching, which now just kind of ends up looking like a fanny pack. Probably that should be the same color.

However, the main thing I worked on was my Warlock. He’s a Character – Ragnor Skysplitter, the Runemaster (or Runermaster if some official typos are to be believed). As such, he should have some… well, some character.

Not finished, but off to a great start, I think! He’s got some really great details – that glove! – as well as a number of elements that I’ll be seeing again painting other models, like the runestones and copious scrolls. The runestones, in particular, are the are most incomplete – on more final-looking versions, the engravings are painted to glow! Much like the tartan color (which there’s also some areas for on Ragnor), I’m not sure what color I want to do for the glow yet. Which actually means, he’s basically as done as I can get him right now, without making some decisions!

I’m looking good for my painting goal for Platypus-Con 2017, with at the very least these core models painted to look decent on the tabletop. I’ll be working on base markings for everything in the box next, just to be ready to play!

Don't Feed the Trolls....

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