Could Charlie Brown Grow Up To Be Captain Picard?


Last week’s post about Charlie Brown as Superboy got me thinking about other fun AU possibilities.  Charlie Brown as Captain Jean Luc Picard, for example.  That one seems like more of a stretch to me.  Despite the obvious physical similarities, Charlie Brown is just no Picard.  Perhaps he’s the kind of man that Charlie hopes to be one day.  Or maybe Peanuts Picard is a bit more like the “steady, reliable… punctual” Lieutenant Picard in the alternate timeline episode “Tapestry.”

Here’s my breakdown of the Peanuts Gang as TNG cast members:


Charlie Brown–Captain Jean Luc Picard (for obvious reasons.)

Linus–Cmdr. William Riker.  (As Charlie Brown’s best friend and oft-times confidant, Linus is always at Charlie’s side and ready to lend a hand.  Or at least lend some sage advice.  Riker and Picard weren’t “best friends” in that sense, but…)

Schroder–Data (Schroder seems to me the most eccentric of the Peanuts characters.  His world is seen through the lens of his music, and his understanding of things comes through that, much like Data filters every experience through his unique android perspective.)

Pig Pen–Worf.   (Pig Pen reads as an outlier to me; someone who’s liked by the other kids but exists on the periphery of acceptable social standard and behavior.  As the only Klingon aboard a Federation vessel, Worf’s actions and responses don’t always jive with the rest of the crew.  He’s harsh and aggressive where Pig Pen is just physically dirty, but the result is similar.)

The Little Redhaired Girl–Dr. Beverly Crusher.  (Crusher is the most nurturing of the TNG cast.  The Little Redhaired girl doesn’t have much personality to speak of, but she’s shown as someone soothing and pleasant–and she’s got the right color hair.)

Lucy–Counsellor Deanna Troi (This one doesn’t work really well.  Lucy’s the total opposite of Deanna from a personality standpoint, but she does offer “Psychiatric help” at her Nickle-stand, which is the closest the Peanuts Gang has to a counselor.)

Franklin–Geordi  (I was kind of running out of characters.  I don’t remember much about Franklin at all.)

Snoopy–Q.  (Snoopy–or Q-py, as we’re calling him–has powers of imagination that transcend time and space.   He’s capable of anything and always shows up in places a dog can’t possibly be.  Who else but Q?)

I found another version of this idea floating around the internet, but I wasn’t keen on it.  It seems more focused on who has a romantic interest in whom than in trying to match or invert tropes.

I put this together for laughs, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it makes.  The Peanuts Gang is, essentially, a group of explorers learning about their world.


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