Trollhunters on NetFlix

Netflix is on a roll for shows that David and I like. Recently I started watching one of their new shows Trollhunters and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is great because instead of taking human lore they turn it on its head a little bit and the lore is actually about the trolls. The troll hunter is actually traditionally a troll who hunts bad trolls. Then through a series of events it ends up being a human teenager, Jim Lake Jr. (played by Anton Yelchin), who happened to find the troll hunter amulet. Then we get to dive with him into this secret hidden underground world where trolls, gnomes, shapeshifters and more exist. At the same time he is also figuring out how to get through high school and not let his mom and others find out about the whole other life. It is a fun time and I highly recommend the show.

Amazing Cast

The initial thing that attracted me to this show is the fact that it is from Guillermo Del Toro, who is amazing. Then as I watched the show I realized that the voice actors included Anton Yelchin, Kelsey Grammar, and Ron Perlman, all of whom do such an amazing job.

It is a little bit sad knowing that Anton Yelchin passed away, but it is so great to get this one final performance from him. Then there is Ron Perlman who just has the best voice ever and is one of my favorite voice actors. It is always great to see actors in an animated series because it is such a different talent to convey those emotions when it is not your face or body in the performance.

Different Lore

The piece that has been a nice surprise is the fact that the troll hunter is not traditionally a human, so instead of human lore we are introduced to troll lore. It puts a different spin on what would normally be a human tradition and hands it off to trolls. It is a great way to bring us into the story. The characters in the show are learning about these things at the same time the audience is, which works out well as a story telling technique. At the same time it allows Jim Lake Jr. to level up over time as he meets more and more dangerous enemies. The other piece is that by having a human perspective on the troll problems that tends to be a little different than normal.

Overall Great

The story is good so far, the visuals are great, it is just overall such a great show. My favorite thing so far is that apparently trolls consider gnomes to be vermin, who happen to be somewhat useful. So when a gnome is causing problems then it is the troll hunter who is expected to help out. Jim captures the troll, but then cannot bring himself to kill it. He ends up bringing the gnome to his friend’s house and it ends up living in an old doll house. They cannot understand what the gnome is saying so they name it Gnome Chomsky. This is possibly the greatest thing ever.



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