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An Ode to Die Hard

Last year around this time I wrote a post about some of the movie I love to watch this time of year. I was going to do a similar thing this year, naming some of the lesser known or ones I haven’t watched in a while (the animated Nutcracker from the 90s, The Santa Clause) but as I started thinking about it, I realized I mostly¬†wanted to talk about just one.

Die Hard.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I kind of feel like 2016 has been a fireball of a disaster of a year. We kicked off the year with David Bowie and Alan Rickman dying. We’re ending it all so exhausted and ready yet also dreading next year…and honestly for me, I need a movie that best captures that feeling right now. But first, the best meme about this year if you missed it:


So really, don’t we all need a kickass movie to finish the year out while also feeling nostalgic about holiday seasons past?

Enter Die Hard.


In this movie, we get to see Bruce Willis try to single-handedly save some bank hostages, including his (estranged) wife, from the dashing Hans Gruber and his gang.


Alan Rickman shines in this movie. He makes being bad look so good. This was his breakout role into Hollywood, and fun fact: they added the scene where he fakes an American accent because Rickman’s attempts at the accent were so good while on set between takes, joking around with everyone. What better way to end 2016 than to watch Alan Rickman (who was amazing…thanks 2016) be awesome? I mean come on, just look at this dashing villain:


Besides having an absolutely amazing villain, Die Hard has some incredibly quotable lines, some great action, and classic “’80s-’90s Bruce Willis runs around in a tank top covered in blood fighting bad guys on his own” moments.


A great movie to pop some popcorn, crack open some beer or hot cocoa, and celebrate the holidays while also saying “Yippee ki-yay –” to the end of 2016. This may just be the perfect holiday movie. Or at least, the one we all need this year.

Holly’s Best of 2016

Another year of media consumed and in a year of generally terrible things it is nice to look at what was good during this year. This year was difficult because with GeekBaby it can be difficult to find the time and we are slowly figuring it out. The lack of time that we have does mean that we are more particular about what we consume, which can make it hard to decide what was the best for this year. Now the other issue is the fact that for these it is not about whether it was released this year, but whether we consumed it this year. So without further adieu here are my best of 2016

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