My Top Ten Blogging Projects of 2016 (in an alternate-reality)

  1. There was the absolutely splendid series of blog posts I did exploring the deeper issues and concepts that run through a few modern TV shows. Alongside that was an equally popular and insightful series that explored the re-boots and continuations of a few shows from my younger years, such as Girl Meets World, Fuller House and The Gilmore Girls.
  2.  I ran a series of posts that explored the progress I was making in revising and polishing my first novel. It included all the struggles of finding the characters true voice, and refusing to let them take charge of the story because one just is determined to be places he cannot be. But it came together and I finish the year with a nearly-ready-to-do-something-with draft.
  3. A year with #MidnightMonsterCat – a blend of blogging, twitter, and Instagram, this feature came together to be an entertaining mix of my experiences with the cat I adopted on New Year’s Eve 2015. Navigating the reality of a human and a 16lb, 2 year old, former partial-stray tomcat living together in a small single-room living space.
  4. I am proud of a number of the posts I did about the reading I’ve been rocking through this year, but I am particularly fond of the post series I did about Les Miserables – which I finally finished reading all of. I’d finished it back in High School, and have been meaning a re-read ever since. Really this series of posts was a pretty academic thing, exploring the historical and cultural contexts that informed this story.  I also took a side-trip into comparing some of the movies and musical versions of the story.
  5. Who could not love the Musicals posts? I saw The Book of Mormon, The Wizard of Oz, Newsies and Motown the Musical and had such a fun time sharing my experience with all of them with all of you.  There was also the review of Allegiance which I saw in the theaters and felt was a beautiful and haunting way to explore that time in our past.
  6. Passionate Geeks powered through the year with some wonderful explorations of the variety of geekdom’s that exist in the world.
  7.  Those posts that explored those very relevant social-issues in terms of how they manifest in current movies…
  8. There was…
  9. Uhm…
  10. The post I completed with the Top Ten Blog Posts of the year, in which I reflected on things that people really appreciated and enjoyed, evoking memories from their own lives and projects through the year.

Let’s face it, 2016 has been a rough year for many of us, personally, nationally, and globally. It’s certainly been a challenging year for me and, while I had a lot of ideas for blogging projects, I wasn’t able to get many of them launched.  But that’s okay, because in my alternate-reality world I was totally successful in making it all happen!



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