Sherlock Series 4 Coming 2017!

Sherlock series 4 will be coming January 1, 2017, hopefully a good start to 2017. With the coming of the new series of Sherlock I thought I would take a second and look back at the previous three series.

Series one and two were fantastic, the third series fell a little flat, but overall it has been great to watch. Now the fact that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch have become hugely popular actors has made it that we have to continually wait years between new three-part episode series, but it is finally happening. This hopefully begins the new year on a little bit of a high note!

Sherlock Series 1

The first three episodes of Sherlock are really the gateway drug. Now the low point to me is that I felt like in the very first episode the mystery was a little obvious and it took Sherlock a little too long to solve the piece about the Taxi. Although other than that it was really fantastic. The highlight of the series is getting to meet Moriarty who is truly a great foil to Sherlock. Part of where the show is best is when there is the rivalry between Sherlock and Moriarty. We get hints of Moriarty, but him showing up in the final episode is amazing. The stand off at the pool is such a superb scene.

Sherlock Series 2

Series 2 begins by introducing us to Irene Adler and her flirtation with Sherlock. A classic character in Sherlock stories. The ending to that first episode really starts us out on the overall theme of this series, which is not quite dead. Second episode, while still good, does just bring us back to a standard mystery for Sherlock to solve. Then we come to what really end up a huge episode with “The Reichenbach Fall”. Of course this ends us on a huge cliffhanger of who is dead and who is alive. Now we might know that they cannot kill Sherlock, but the question still is how did he get away and where did he end up. At the end of series 2 I was personally super excited for series 3.

Sherlock Series 3

With “killing” Sherlock off at the end of series 2 it starts out a little off because things have changed. People believed that Sherlock is dead and have moved on accordingly. So this entire series kind of deals with Sherlock getting back in to the swing of things a bit. The episode with John getting married is the best episode of the series because the speech that Sherlock gives really is fantastic. Overall this series ended up falling a bit flat for me overall, but the ending with a video of Moriarty showing all over London makes me hopeful. Part of the problem with this series is that lacking Moriarty meant that there was not a good villain to focus on; it just did not have the presence that Moriarty has.


I am really hopeful that series 4 of Sherlock gets us back to the great episodes from the first and second series. Where this show sings is when it is Moriarty versus Sherlock and it will be great to hopefully get back to that. Is Moriarty alive or is it a final gotcha planned by the devious villain???

2 responses to “Sherlock Series 4 Coming 2017!

  1. Did you ever cover your opinion on Series 4? I’m brand new to Sherlock and binged it on Netflix way too fast and I’m not sure what to think. Series 1-2 were fantastic and 3 was a bit odd…it sort of morphed into a completely different show by Series 4. Idk what’s the geeks gotta say?! 🤓


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