Book Review: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Recently I have been using my local library’s digital catalog to rent audiobooks (like David did). I needed a new book to listen to so I went to the “Available Now” section and found Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please as read by Amy Poehler.

From the very first chapter I am in love with her. Amy Poehler’s sense of humor is hilarious and the way she looks at her life is amazing. Amy talks about her family life, getting into comedy, being on SNL, and more.

The other great thing is that she gets amazing guest stars including both of her parents to help read parts of the book. After listening to the audiobook version I almost feel as though that is the way to enjoy the book because hearing her read it and get guest stars to read sections is such joy.

So Funny

I think the biggest thing about her book is that I really never laughed so hard at a book, which made listening to it at work interesting. As someone who has been pregnant and given birth her stories about her pregnancy and her sons just makes me feel like I am not alone. There is a section where she mentions her birth plan, which anyone who has gone through that process completely understands. Part of what is great is that Amy Poehler is just honest about her life and who she is, as well as completely irreverent about herself.

Guest Stars

The number of guest stars in the book is fantastic, but the best moments are when she gets a few people to read an entire chapter of the book. One of the moments is her parents talking about when she was born, which of course she has a fantasy view of.

My favorite moment though is there is a chapter read by Seth Meyer who did the Weekend Update with Amy Poehler. It is great to hear from someone else who really knows a person. I think the piece of the story that he brings is seeing her story of going into labor from a different side. Poehler kept working up until she went into labor, so when she went into labor they had to fill in her parts on SNL and Seth Meyer had to do Weekend Update by himself. Apparently she texted him and gave him words of encouragement about doing the show by himself. That really is such a great example of someone who thinks of others before themselves.

Audiobook Specific

So I have not read the book, but it definitely feels like they made changes to the audiobook because they mention her building her own audio booth and talk about being in the audio booth with the guests. The audio book becomes so much more than just listening to someone reading the book. It is as though you can see her recording in the studio and having various guests pop their head in to read their part. It paints such a fun picture that the experience seems like such a great time.

Listen Now

I think all that I can say is listen now to this book. It is funny, heartwarming and just plain fantastic. If you are a writer you also might appreciate her general thoughts on writing and if you are a writer with kids you will appreciate it even more. She does not have any airs about her and is just such an amazing person who has worked so hard for what she has. At the end of the book Amy Poehler just feels like someone that I would want to be friends with.

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