ICYMI: Trailer Watch

Last week we had a bit more to contend with and focus on than what movies to look forward to next year. Which is unfortunate, because last week several awesome trailers were released, and I think a lot of us missed them. So, let’s do a Trailer Watch!

We begin with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets:

From Luc Besson, the visionary director of The Fifth Element, Lucy, and Léon: the Professional, this sci-fi epic looks absolutely, richly gorgeous. Personally, this may be an opening day flick for me. If you’re interested, you have plenty of time to check out the graphic novel before the film’s release as well.

Next, let’s watch the next Underworld: Blood Wars trailer:

I think I may have missed one or two of the Underworld movies, but I must say this one looks fantastic. There’s certainly time before its release in January to catch up on the other movies if you’re interested in checking this one out. I may have to do that, because this one looks great.

And another one, this time based on a manga by the same name, Ghost in the Shell:

This film, while looking great in the trailer, has been steeped in controversy since it was announced that the lead role would be played by Scarlett Johansson instead of casting an Asian lead, as it was in the manga series. The series is inspired by Blade Runner, and while the movie looks fascinating and well done, we will have to see how it tries to overcome its (rather huge) casting mistakes.

And, last but certainly not least, the first official trailer for Beauty and the Beast has been released!

I can hardly wait for this. I still love the animated Beauty and the Beast, and the story was one of my favorites growing up (I recall checking one particular version out at the library frequently). I think Emma Watson looks to be doing an amazing job as Belle, and just from this trailer I have incredibly high hopes with how well done the live action version is going to be.

One response to “ICYMI: Trailer Watch

  1. Still haven’t watched all of these… however, I spent the whole Valerian trailer asking Holly (who had selected it and therefore seen the name of the movie while I hadn’t) if they were making a movie version of The Incal. It’s not far off. I need to read the graphic novel! Which – thanks for the reminder, time to look that up…


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