Favorite Movie Trailer Songs

Music is such a big part of what makes a trailer worth watching and can really help make a movie look better than it actually might end up being. There have been a few songs that no matter what trailer they are in the song itself just makes it look better. Then there are those songs that you have never heard before and it just instantly catches your attention. It does not happen too often, but sometimes you might discover a new band that you have not listened to before.

This list is specifically looking at songs done by known artists and not music that is a variation on a musical theme of the movie. Every one knows that when you listen to the Star Wars theme that you are going to get excited, but having a song that just immediately hits you can be so satisfying.

Ballroom Blitz

Now this song has not been used in just one trailer, but in many and every time it create the image of an exciting ride. Now David would be very disappointed if I did not highlight the best use, which is in the trailer for Kung Fu Hustle. At the same time the song is one that just instantly gets the adrenaline going whatever trailer you might be watching.

Castle, Halsey

A more recent trailer song is “Castle” by Halsey. This song played during the recent Huntsman Winter’s War movie trailer. It is partly what made the movie look any good (besides Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron). The song just instantly hits you, giving a feeling that there is a weight to the action happening on the screen. I recently got this album and Halsey is kind of amazing.

Wake, Arcade Fire

This song played during the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are and it just fit so perfectly with the story being told. The music starts and the way it builds and swells matches so well with the emotions that you want to experience during a trailer like that. Now it was obviously for a story that many of us remember from our childhoods, but the song just matched some of the feeling of wild abandon the story seems to tell.

Hooked on a Feeling, Blue Suede

This song has now been used in two trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy and it has been brilliant every time. The song is such a happy catchy tune and it works so well. It gets everyone who is watching to just be pumped for what is happening on the screen. It makes you want to see more. Now this song is obviously a classic, but that is part of why it works so well.

Songs can make such a huge difference in the quality and emotions during a trailer. What are some of your favorite songs from a trailer?

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