Something something… clickbait title… Comparative Geeks!

Hello and welcome to Comparative Geeks! Yesterday was an above-average traffic day, so I’m thinking there are some new followers and readers today. Happy to have you!

Comparative Geeks is a multi-author site with articles running every day, on the topics we’re interested in – so it ranges all over! We have a couple of series running right now, one on human-centric diversity in science fiction (Wednesday), and another of Westworld recaps (Sundays).

We also have a webcomic called the Astral Chronicles (which I’m writing and illustrating), and a podcast called Comparative Opinions (which you can subscribe to on iTunes or by clicking here). Thursdays and Sundays, respectively.

Thinking of new readers, and attracting views and getting heavy-traffic days, my mind of course turns to click-bait, that modern way of designing a post that you can expect someone to click into. And sure, I could probably do it, but thinking of the lists and such that make up click bait… I was reminded of our number one source for consuming click bait, and that’s Watch Mojo.

watchmojoWe’re subscribed to the channel, and most of the YouTube videos we watch we watch by checking up on the subscription feed… except for Watch Mojo. These, we catch based on the recommended recent videos that you get on the Apple TV YouTube app. Meaning that really, we’re just watching them because of the click bait…

Watch Mojo is at its heart simple: they make pop culture list videos. Like, a lot of them. Several a day. So while a lot of the lists are utterly ridiculous (I was just scrolling through looking for a couple to include below), that’s honestly to be expected: when you’re brainstorming and making that many videos, well, you go with everything.

There are some problematic aspects, too, showcased most of all I feel in their “Ms. Mojo” side channel, which apparently means that all these main videos are the videos for mans, and then these others are for women? It’s odd. I overall don’t feel too bad for us watching them, because as I was scrolling through and looking… we watch maybe 1% of their videos. That means there’s a lot there, so maybe something you would like? Here’s a couple we watched:

I mean really, to make that many list videos, you have to go with some really specific topics.

10 seems like a lot of these to do… feels like most of them that you see in media…

Do you watch Watch Mojo? What do you think?

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