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There are two Americas.

Last week, I wrote a post about the Future of Leisure. I was toying with either that, or something about the political season we’re in, the future of… well… the future. I think instead I wrote my post about Leisure, kind of thinking about where I see the future going. Well, since then I’ve read something that does a pretty nice job of exploring that changing landscape.

But the geek in me wants to lay out some geeky context as well…

In thinking about this, here’s what I got to thinking about – comics. About a reboot of the character Hyperion from Marvel, a character that originally was basically just a Superman ripoff, but plot twist! he was a villain. This alternate reality version of him is being brought in as a hero, as a future Avenger. And so when they go through the work of introducing him, well… it’s stuck with me.



avengers-4-3There were two Hyperions. And there are two Americas.

Maybe you’ve seen this bouncing around Social Media, but there was an editorial recently on Cracked about there being two Americas, or, well, about how Trump supporters might actually make some sense. Warning now: language.

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