Daily Archives: October 15, 2016

Lessons from Crazy-Ex-Girlfriend

Episodes 4 and 5 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend have a bunch of tidbits of wisdom, points for reflection, and lessons to be learned.

  • Bonkerballs isn’t actually in the DSM-5 yet, no matter how much we may all agree that it should be a legitimate diagnosis.
  • Tinder is exclusively for hookups (to be fair, a number of shows have informed me of this). Meeting someone through it can lead to a hookup, or to having your kidney harvested.
  • The power of a twirley skirt should not be underestimated.
  • Pay attention to commercials, maybe they will provide you with good advice… Or, you know… not.
  • If you decide to start making healthy choices, perhaps starting that with staying up all night is not the correct way to go about that. Also, there is something beautifully resonating in the statement, “I got this treadmill desk, and then realized I can’t do work on it, and I hate walking.”  Sure, maybe we haven’t all made a $2,000 mistake like that but… I am sure many of us have made a lesser cost mistake of a similar type.
  • You may not ever actually feel like an adult. And trying to be an adult often ends up in strange conversations. At least, for some of us….
  • Being intelligent doesn’t mean you know anything about life.
  • There is always something powerful about someone you admire saying that they think you’re cool.
  • It’s just as hard to ignore when someone you care about says something negative about you.
  • Talking (and especially singing) about a Father’s love for their daughter can be very challenging.
  • Good deeds, done for bragging rights, may merit some deeper investigation – are you really doing something good?
  • You can say a lot without saying a thing.
  • Knowing the things that are broken about ourselves, and honestly acknowledging them can help to make a small step in the direction of repairing it.

Though the tone of the show doesn’t change much at all in these episodes, slowly there are more and more insightful things shinning through.  Perhaps it’s because the writers, and actors, are all getting a feel for the characters and so are able to really explore with them, or maybe it’s a planned arc with Rebecca’s changing mental state….