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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: A Little Advice

After Episode 1, I’m going to skim over Episode 2 – there’s some good stuff in there, more delving into Rebecca’s issues and developing some of the supporting characters a little more.  We get set up for what comes in Episode 3.

This is the episode that I felt a real moment of connection to Rebecca’s social awkwardness – Rebecca throws a party.

Rebecca can no longer see Josh one on one, but Paula makes an important point:

“There’s a solution, a loophole, it’s in every teen movie ever made….”


“Throw a big party.”

Because, clearly, drawing from movies is the way to find solutions to all life problems, right?

Rebecca has trauma around parties, but Paula meets this with yet more movie-advice:  Face Your Fears.

This song… oh this song.  Facing your fears is classic advice, but it’s not always good advice. And this song plays with that in a ridiculously good way.

If a bear runs at you in the woods, don’t run away…

Look it deep in the eyes, put your hand on its chest and say “Bear, I’m not afraid!”

‘Cause you can fly
Yes, you can fly
Fly out a window

Fly off a building
Just believe in yourself
Face your fears.

The party that Rebecca throws… oh man.  Following another great song, I Have Friend (I have friends, I definitely have friends. Objectively, I can say that I have all the friends),  and some other important pieces of the plot (such as further development of Paula’s character and her family), we reach the tragedy-of-a-party that it has to be.

Nearly no-one shows up. It’s a pretty lame party, at least, as far as Rebecca is concerned. Very few people show up, but when Josh makes it he teaches her an important lesson (which doesn’t help her obsession with him in the slightest). He’s thoroughly supportive of her, kind and helpful.

Of course you just moved into town – of course you don’t have a million friends. It’d be weird if you did…. You’ve got a lot of cool stuff going on in your life – great job, sweet apartment, plus you’re a kick-ass career girl…. You’re crushing it. Look at you, just moved into town and threw a big party – you’re fearless.

He then goes on to show her how to get people to show up – smoke and mirrors – a well framed picture sent out to the social media world… the party turns big fast.