Daily Archives: October 4, 2016

Final Thoughts – Dark Souls


Nope. I can’t do it. Dark Souls just isn’t my cup of RPG. I had decided to pick it back up and try it, having played only a little bit when it first came out. The big difference this time was playing with a strategy guide, which I was hoping would help.

So I read up on combat. On stats an options. I picked the class I wanted, a Pyromancer for fire spells and good combat potential. I read up on dodging and blocking, and on all the important defensive elements of the game.

It’s a game where basically any enemy can kill you, where you’re always at risk. And where there are potential consequences to dying; you have one try to get back your lost Souls (a combination of currency and experience points) and Humanity (used variously in-game, and passively a bonus to your item-find rate).

I reached the first merchant in the game, read up on what he had. I ground out the enemies in the area, getting the Souls to buy everything he had that I could need – starting with a good shield. But the other thing I read was he dropped a katana when killed, and so once I had bought everything, I killed him, and then I ground out the Souls to get the levels needed to equip the katana.

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