Looking for something positive? Try CinemaWins!

Holly and I are at various levels of sick, as is the Geek Baby, and everyone else is working on getting posts together. It’s Monday, it’s very Monday.

So that means, let’s let someone else do the talking. I recently heard about this channel, and we love it. Definitely need to watch more of it, but for now, how about a video?

CinemaWins! I love their tagline:

Because liking things is more fun than disliking things.

It started as a parody of CinemaSins, it seems, but what’s great is that the concept has legs of its own, it has purpose of its own. The channel is still fairly new, so they haven’t done a ton of movies yet – but a lot of recent ones that have had some contention do have videos. Check them out! Let me know what your favorite videos are in the comments below.


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