Daily Archives: September 27, 2016

Verdict: Speechless

Another show that David and I have decided to give a try is Speechless. This show stars Micah Fowler playing JJ Dimeo, a kid with cerebral palsy, which is not too much of a stretch for Micah as he himself suffers from a milder form of the disease. As a kid he has been on shows such as Sesame Street, but this is an opportunity to do so much more.

Now while the main character does seem to be JJ it is not just about him, but about his whole family. What is great is while they do not try to downplay the fact that JJ is in a wheelchair, it is focusing on him trying to navigate being a teenager. The focus of the first episode is trying to find someone to be the voice of JJ since he cannot talk himself, and it starts out pretty badly. The short of it is that the family dynamic is part of what makes this show great. It is a family trying to navigate a lot of different issues – including living in a new place – and that is part of what makes it great.

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