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Meme Monday Attempt #3: Some Courage for Yet Another Week

Good day, everyone! I’ve been away trying to put together some new meme-themed posts to keep the column running as it is, and the fruits of all of that will follow in the coming weeks. For now, I wanted to open up a little of the Internet meme history I mentioned in a previous post.

An excellent resource for learning about the many, many memes floating around the web is Know Your Meme, which is basically a Wikipedia for Internet memes. One of the manifold classics listed there is the Courage Wolf, which I’m sure those of you over the age of 25 have seen at some point.

Often unsafe for work, the Courage Wolf was a derivative of similarly animal-themed advice memes taking social media by storm at the time. Read more about it at http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/courage-wolf. I’d provide a link, but the site only let me insert one (above); be courageous, dear readers! Editor’s note:


Further, you can also run across convenient collections of specific memes over at the Reddit-esque Quick Meme, which, though not at all geared toward examining the history and construction of its included memes, is still an excellent place to find user-generated attempts to keep it all going. Check out the Courage Wolf collection while you’re there.

And that’s all for this brief interlude. More to follow. Thank you all for bearing with me! More meme posts and other types of posts from me here at Comparative Geeks to follow.


Verdict: The Good Place

So last week I talked about the Fall TV Shows that are premiering that I am interested in watching and a couple of them started last week – including The Good Place, which David and I have now watched.

First off the premise is definitely fascinating. One of the things that I definitely like is that they keep the afterlife very generic and are not claiming that it is any specific religion, instead saying that each religion got a little bit of the big picture. That makes it very inclusive and keeps it from really making too much of a statement about the afterlife.

The idea in general is that every action that someone makes sends out positive and negative energy into the universe and that only the really good people get in to the Good Place… But what happens when a mistake is made? This is where hilarity ensues because someone who was not such a good person gets in to the Good Place by mistake.

The short answer is that David and I will definitely keep watching, but at this point I am not sure how the story goes beyond one season.

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