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Rewatching Tomorrow Never Dies – Throwback Thursday

The other day I was talking about this movie, and that got me back to finding this post! Definitely still a stand-out Bond movie. The original post had a good conversation, too, so you can go back and check that out if you like! The other Brosnan-era Bond films definitely also have fans, but in general people seemed to like him as Bond. I know I do!

The other day Holly and I watched Tomorrow Never Dies, and I had not watched this one in a while. I remembered really enjoying it of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies. Though there’s a soft spot in my heart for GoldenEye – it’s got to be the videogame!

I have to say that this movie has held up pretty well. It certainly shows its historical moment – with the Internet exploding out into the public (1997!) and with the level of technology. Sure, there’s a scene with fancy invented super spy tech sitting next to a floppy disc. It’s fine. It worked. And really? It’s a villain, and a plot, that could really still happen today.

So let me look at a couple of highlights of the film, and then talk about how it stands out among the Brosnan-era Bond films. Some spoilers to come!

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