Fall TV Premieres

So it is that season again where most TV shows get back into full swing. For some we get to get back in the swing of things – and then there are the new shows to try and decide which to watch. With David and I already watching a slew of current shows (Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and more), it makes it harder for a new show to sneak its way in to the mix. Below are a few shows that we are planning on giving a chance. Now this does not include all-at-once shows like Marvel’s Luke Cage because we already know we are going to watch that whole season. This includes any show that we have heard about that is premiering this fall that we want to try out but might not continue.

The Good Place – September 19

When I saw the preview for this show I got so excited because I love Kristen Bell and this show looks so funny. The concept is that a woman dies and gets sent to the “Good Place,” but she finds out that she got sent there by mistake. After hearing a little bit of what goes on in the “Bad Place” she decides to try and fit in where she was not supposed to be. The idea that cussing would not be allowed in the “Good Place” just makes a great way to figure out replacement words that work on TV. We will see if it meets the expectations set by the trailer!

Speechless – September 21

This one is more a curiosity than a huge interest, but it will be interesting to see what they do with this story. It is the story of a family where one of the kids has cerebral palsy and the actor who plays the character has that same disability. It is neat to see this opportunity present itself and not see someone completely pretending or acting. Also, it sounds like instead of focusing on the cerebral palsy it is about being a teenager who happens to have it, but we will see how they pull it off. In the end it still needs to be a good story and the trailer is hilarious.

Westworld – October 2

This show looks epic and I am fascinated. So I have to say I feel like we have seen some of this story in various movies before. I feel like there is often a question of at what point does an Artificial Intelligence become more than just a machine? Then you add a level of them being used as people’s personal play things. I think there are themes that could be explored well, but sometimes HBO forgets story to just show “look what we can do.” So hopefully they remember the story amongst some of the gratuity!

Timeless – October 3

If it has not become obvious David and I love a good time travel story and this looks like a good time travel story. When you introduce time travel into a show so much can happen. This one explores the idea not only of implications of changing the timeline, but also that time travel means that you are not always meeting people in the same order as you originally did. If they can keep the story coherent it could be amazing.

No Tomorrow – October 4

So I loved the lead actor in Galavant so it will be amazing to see what he does in this new show. He plays a guy who believes that the world is going to end and soon, who has created a list of things that he wants to do before that happens. Now the story is about the girl he meets and who starts dating him, then even after finding out about his belief keeps dating him and follows along on his adventure to fulfill his bucket list. I just think it looks like a fun, quirky story.

The Crown – November 4

This I only just heard about, but it sounds interesting. I have seen biopics of Queen Elizabeth II, but this is actually going through her life. If it succeeds the plan is to start in the 1940’s and have each season last a decade. It will be interesting to see who plays certain characters and what they focus on in each season.


So there are a lot of shows that I want to check out, more than I expected, but I love the way that TV shows can just bring us into a different world and become more than just a fleeting moment. Some shows can tell a story that just lasts and the hope is that you find one that does that.

4 responses to “Fall TV Premieres

  1. I watched the premier of Speechless and LOVED it. Added it to me “to-watch” list — SO good!


    • Oh man, we watched that last night – so funny! It was better than I expected, like the pacing was better than the trailer portrayed. Fun characters so far. Definitely going to keep up with that one!


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