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Do Favorite Movies Come In Waves?

I read a review today on Facebook of someone who has only just seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And their response… it was okay. I looked to the comments to see, indeed, others had hopped in to say what they had liked and enjoyed about the movie. I hopped in too, but that’s overall not the point of this post. I had written one before, with a poll, about the various opinions on the film – you can check that out here.

However, the act of jumping in to defend the movie got me thinking about the Marvel movies as a whole, above movies lately in general, about what I was defending. Are these my favorite movies ever? I think the answer there is no. Worth defending? Well, honestly, we spend a lot of time on Comparative Geeks talking about these films, so I suppose so!

However, if these films we’ve invested in so much aren’t my favorites, what movie or movies are? And that sent me down a nostalgia-filled rabbit hole, but I started noticing patterns. Okay, so let’s think of this. There are eras of movies in my life – in yours too, I assume. Great movies that take me back to when I first saw them, whether they came out then or not. The current era are all these superhero movies (with the occasional great science fiction movies) and it’s pretty great, but they’re especially great in combination, in continuity. Maybe that’s why we jumped in to defend Winter Soldier – it’s pretty great all on its own, and that’s special!

But from here, let’s go through some of the phases of movies, the waves of movies, the eras of movies from my life – and then let’s discuss whether they make sense to you!


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