Blizzard as Drug Dealer

Recently David and I have been intrigued with the recent release of the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft and it has gotten us thinking about playing again. We stopped playing over 5 years ago and have not looked back until recently. As we started looking more at playing World of Warcraft there were more and more things that kind of reminded me of what a drug dealer might do to get someone’s business again – and keep it.

As a quick disclaimer I understand that World of Warcraft can actually be addictive to people and there are some people who take it too far. This is meant to be a tongue in cheek look at our own journey potentially being drawn back into the fold.

Free Taste

One of the big things that we found when looking at getting back in to World of Warcraft was the fact that we did not need to buy any previous updates to get started. We had not updated in 5 years and yet we could get free access to all expansions up to right before Legion. It’s like, look at what we will give you, you don’t even have to buy the recent upgrade to start playing – just take a little taste and see what you think.

Not only do you get access to the second to last upgrade they have also opened it up to allow you to get to level 20 for free. I mean you really want to talk abut getting a taste to wet your appetite this could do it. You might even think, “oh I will only play until level 20,” but then you get drawn back into the story and you just want more.

Free Level Up

Now that we have given you a free taste we are going to give you some more incentive to actually buy the next expansion. Buying the next expansion means that you can immediately upgrade one character to the starting level for the expansion content for free. This means that if you have not played in a while and have friends that have been playing you can immediately catch up with them without spending hours trying to grind the levels. Instead you can jump in both feet first and start playing the end game with everyone else.

New In-Game Game Pass

This concept is definitely one that intrigues me to see what it would take to actually do, but the idea seems to be that if you play enough you can use in-game gold to pay for a token that gives you a free month. Some of the idea is to keep you playing more. Now the other purpose was to try and deal with gold seller problem, but it seems to have the added purpose of making you come back for more. You have to earn enough gold to be able to afford the token, which can be a driving force to get you to play more. Since there are parts of the game that depend on PVP it makes sense that they want you to keep playing.

All of these are great examples of ways that Blizzard wants to get you to just keep playing and not doing other things, similar to what a dealer would want from a client.

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