So, this Crazy Ex-Girlfriend show…

This show had been floating on the edge of my radar for a while. Hulu kept suggesting it based on the other shows I was watching but I wasn’t really feeling drawn to it. The title alone, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend didn’t call to me at all.  I kept blowing past it until my sister suggested, out of the blue, that I might like it. She also mentioned that it had musical numbers (usually a pretty good sign that I’ll like something… I’ll admit).  So I tossed it back onto my list of shows that I would eventually look into.

I was browsing through Netflix recently and stumbled across it, deciding I might as well give it a go. And, in far shorter time than I care to admit, I binged through all 18 episodes of the first season.

Working hard at a New York job
Making dough but it made me blue

One day I was crying a lot
And so I decided to move to
West Covina, California!

Brand-new pals and new career
It happens to be where Josh lives
But that’s not why I’m here!

Rebecca Bunch follows an impulsive decision to leave behind her life, and career at a prestigious New York law firm, to move to California after meeting her one-time, summer-camp boyfriend.

With that summary it could easily be a pretty terrible show – a woman throwing away her life to follow a guy… a guy she barely even knows! But, while that is, technically, what it’s about it is so much more than that.


It’s smart and funny, making me laugh and reflect at the same time — and I know that I’ll get more out of each episode when I watch it again.  Because I will be watching them all again – and soon! This is the first in a series of posts that will be appearing here on Comparative Geeks exploring the show in more depth.  There probably won’t be a post-per-episode, but there is a fair amount that I want to write about, and want to know your thoughts on.

Since this is my first real go at writing about a TV show the posts will have some fun playing with different formats too — you’ll have to check them out to see what I mean by that!


Since the new season doesn’t premier until the end of October I’ve got plenty of time to get through these episodes again and then, hopefully, I’ll continue with a regular, weekly, update following Rebecca and the awesome other characters of the show on their ongoing journey.

Anyone else here fans of the show?  I’m looking forward to exploring the episodes more with you!

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