Daily Archives: September 5, 2016

Two Months On – Comparative Geeks Going Strong!

Hello faithful followers! Two months ago, on another holiday weekend in the U.S., this new Comparative Geeks site got up and running. Its goal is to be a place where geeks can come and geek out, about whatever they want. So far, I think we’ve been living up to that pretty well! Our contributors are going strong, with more on the way.

We’re up to 10 episodes of our podcast, which I guess makes this week 10 of the site. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying that, the comments we’ve gotten so far have been positive. Definitely let us know if there’s anything you want us to address – questions, problems with sound or length or anything like that. We’re hoping to interview and talk to some folks in the future, and we’ll be sure to ask for questions from readers in advance! Make sure to follow us on iTunes or other podcatchers.

What do you think of our other original content so far? We are exploring options to manage the webcomic, so that the archives can easily be accessed from start to finish. What about Wordless Wednesday? And any input on Meme Monday or any of our other series or posts so far? Let us know what you would like to see more of from the site.

If we were going to mention one other aspect of the site, it would be the Forums… they’re off to a pretty slow start. Have you looked at the forums? Start a thread! Check out what’s there! Or tell us in the comments what you’d like to see from the forums moving forward.

Otherwise, just an obligatory sort of reminder to check out our Facebook Page and our Twitter account – follow us wherever you find yourself, so you can keep track of what we have going on as we move forward!


Black Hat – a Black Spot on Film

So when the trailers first came out for Black Hat starring Chris Hemsworth I was definitely intrigued. I have thoroughly enjoyed Chris Hemsworth as Thor and the movie premise seemed intriguing, although a little bit done before. At the same time I always enjoy a good sort of cat and mouse or spy versus spy movie. The movie did not interest me enough to go see it in theaters, so we never ended up going. The reviews that came out were not good, which made me happy that we had not gone to see it. Recently it came out on HBO so I thought why not watch it and see what this was all about? It confirmed my initial thought and I am even more glad that I did not go and watch this movie or pay the money to go see it in theaters. Continue reading