5 Great Bands I’ve found lately – Throwback Thursday

I’ve been wanting to write a post about music, but keep realizing I’ve already talked about these bands! So instead, how about I just share this in case you missed it? Here’s five (with a bonus sixth) great bands to check out!

It’s been a while, but for a time I was blogging music on Sourcerer. Maybe my most successful post – in part because it was open to so many suggestions and wasn’t focused on one artist – was about vocal duos in bands. It’s great and all when there’s just one person singing, but I really like it when you can get two people going, either separately on different songs, or together on one.

In that post I point back to the Raconteurs as the first time I was really noticing and liking this, but afterwards I’ve realized I completely missed the mark there – it would be Fleetwood Mac, a band I grew up listening to with my family and on my own. So I’ve been listening to music like this for a long time…

Between writing that post, and getting Apple Music, I didn’t pick up too much new music – so it’s been an explosion of me finding and obsessing over new bands, and new material from bands I had one album for, ever since! And my jumping-off point has been this post, the idea of these sorts of bands. Several came up in that other post or in its comments, but let’s explore!

Oh and I should note here… I haven’t really watched these music videos, so hopefully they’re not too weird?


The band I realized I already had that fit this formula, and that I wanted to listen to more, was the Silversun Pickups. I had their album Swoon, which I think is still so far my favorite, but getting to explore their other albums, on the whole I like them! Here’s one of my favorite of their songs:

I love this song – I also think that it would work nicely to go with the movie All You Need Is Kill… I mean Edge of Tomorrow… I mean Live. Die. Repeat


At a recommendation from a comment on my post – and from Pandora, which kept feeding me the song Home, I picked up Up From Below by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Sadly, this album only has one song with anything other than the lead singer Alex: Home itself. I listened the heck out of this album, and listed them as favorite music for last year, but only more recently picked up their other couple of albums…

How about a music video of fan contributions?

I still can’t put my finger on exactly why I love this band so much (which I’ve had to try to do, to explain it to Holly…). But it’s a number of pieces. I like that there are happy songs. And songs that deal with and in happiness. I like some of the big ideas they tackle. Some of the small ideas they tackle. I like the complicated take on religion. I like the love-inspired take on politics.

I like that they include non-singing vocal sounds – sighs, laughs. It makes the cuts sound raw and almost live – and oh by the way, I really like their live album. I actually started with that, then picked up the other two albums I was missing. They have another album coming out in April – but they lost Jade, their second singer, so I’m not sure what I think. But hey, I’m already paying for Apple Music, so I’ll give it a listen…


I closed out the post by saying I should listen to the Civil Wars, because Holly had their albums and I hadn’t snagged them from her. That has been corrected, and I have to say, the Civil Wars are great.

It looks like they broke up in 2014, so I guess I shouldn’t be waiting for much of anything new from them… Still, between their self-titled album and Barton Hollow, there’s some great stuff to listen to.


Here’s another one that Pandora recommended to me a bunch – most notably their instrumental opening track, Intro. Also, however, their amazing song Crystalised.

Both of their albums are great, just atmospheric and chill. And yet, past all of that, they use their duo to create a lot of tension. They have a third album coming out this year, and I’m excited! Maybe most excited that I didn’t look them up further to find another broken-up band?…


This was a pure Apple Music find. Listening to one of their created playlists, I want to say 2012 Alternative Hits, I heard Youth Without Youth. And my brain went “wait a second, I know that sound…” And so I had. Metric did the song Black Sheep from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! So I knew them but didn’t know I knew them? Also failing my own tips on how to find new music

I immediately hunted down Youth Without Youth on the album Synthetica

So good. I’ve since moved forward and back in time, to their album before this and the one after, which came out really recently. All three albums are amazing. I like the fact that there are even more albums to go back in time and listen to…

In terms of singing this band is far less of a duo, but it still definitely sounds like more than just the lead singer in a lot of songs. I’m counting it!


Here’s a band I just found randomly recently, checking out the new Alternative page on Apple Music. I am not disappointed.

There’s a good song to sing along to in the car. Enjoy!

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