Pokemon Go – Where Is It Now?

Last month, we had three great posts about the new big phenomenon – Pokemon Go. I’ll include a link to each of these at the end of this post. But it’s been a month and a half or so of the game now… where is it now?

I think it’s lost a lot of people, certainly a lot of daily constant play and obsession. It certainly lost Holly and I. On the other hand, I know of people (like podcast hosts I hear from) who are still playing, or in fact one at least who hasn’t returned to podcasting yet because of the game.

In many ways, it sounds like an incomplete game, with plans for future features. During this time, they were working on rolling out internationally and dealt with some of their big initial problems. It’s like the initial release of a game like World of Warcraft – big group expecting it, big group at the start, more than they expected. And the growing pains to go with that. We got into that game much later, which is a good time to get in, because those early growing pains can be difficult.

And that’s still the future, really, as far as Pokemon Go is concerned. Still coming together. Will the users come back as they drift away? Maybe.

Saw this today on Facebook. Other than being touching, it reminded me of something super important here: school’s starting. And there’s Pokemon Go. I work on a university campus, and it’s been sleepy over the summer… it’s going to pick up now! And lower grades as well, friends coming back together, and something to unite their summer experience: Pokemon Go. If something keeps this game alive, it’s going to be the social aspect, and as people come back together, that’s exactly what might happen.

So how about you? Still playing Pokemon Go? Picking it back up now? Waiting for a new feature? I’m really curious – let me know in the comments below! And now, links to those posts from last month:




6 responses to “Pokemon Go – Where Is It Now?

  1. I’m still playing, though it is slow going now that I’m at a level that I can’t just hit the next one easily. I know a lot of drop off occurred as the novelty of “oh, look how cute poke-man is” by people who weren’t into before got bored or moved on. That’s cool. Less server crashes for me. Then there are the ones that are really into the game’s other versions are frustrated with the lack of real time battles, etc. so there’s no answer for that only time. Maybe.

    Personally, I just like to collect things and will keep playing until I ‘catch’em all”. Plus, I’m maxed out on Candy Crush again LOL.


    • Yeah, since neither Holly nor I were into Pokemon before, the thematic elements weren’t keeping us in the game. Also, we felt like our area is limited enough we weren’t really finding too many new things, and meanwhile we were nowhere near the level of players who were actually claiming the gyms and such. Oh, and our Internet/the game/the server seemed to ALWAYS fail when we were actually out walking (something we frequently do… in nature) so that part of the game wasn’t working well for us either. So I guess your point kicked in… we got past the cuteness!

      Good luck catching them all!


  2. I’m still playing – and enjoying it. I just had some friends start up again so yesterday, as we were wandering around downtown with their kids, we were all playing — it was fun to teach the 8 year old how to play 🙂
    I’ve also loved the community I’m continuing to see — one local woman threw a Pokemon Go potluck birthday party for her autistic son and reached out to our local Pokemon Go group (because he had no friends to come to a party). From the pictures (I was unable to go) it looks like it was a great time, the kid got some really cute gifts and had a GREAT time! It was awesome to see a community so clearly coming together to support a young geek 🙂


  3. Oh, also meant to add — I think working in a busy downtown area helps. If I were mostly out around my home in suburbia I probably would have lost interest because the chance of actually getting anything is so much smaller.


    • There’s not a lot near where we live either, and the closest gym is a middle school… We stopped there during the summer, but would feel weird doing so now. Also, we work on opposite sides of town, so we can’t like meet up after work easily and play, or meet up on lunch. That would have helped! Holly used to play at lunch. Maybe she will again!


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