Catching Up on Supernatural

I know it might be surprising to know, but neither David or I had ever really watched Supernatural. I tried to start watching it when it first aired, but it was at a time that I did not have good access to television in general so never really had the time to get in to into it.

Now time has passed the show is past its tenth season and one of the more popular memes is SuperWhoLock. Now I love Doctor Who and I love Sherlock so the next step seemed to me to try and see what this whole Supernatural thing is about. So I started from the beginning and slowly worked my way through all of the seasons on Netflix. So here are some of my impressions about watching Supernatural. (Minor spoilers for Supernatural after the jump.)

Obvious Extension

So, I had already heard that Supernatural had originally been intended as a 5 season run and watching it over a short period of time that becomes pretty obvious. The start of season 6 definitely begins a bit rocky and the show seems to not quite know how to dig itself out of the season 5 ending. Now eventually they do find their footing somewhat, but it still feels kind of obvious that there was not originally an intention for going longer than the 5 seasons. I am not saying that I am not enjoying the show past season 5, but it just has a different feel to in the first part of the show.

Best Episodes

I have loved watching Supernatural, but where the show really shines is when the show goes meta. The first time I remember this is when they introduced the books that tell the same story as the show, but exist in the show. They direction they took this was brilliant because the author of the books was the next Prophet telling the story of the Winchesters for history. The way the books keep coming back up in the show too is just brilliant. It really is a gift that just keeps on giving. There have been some other episodes that have worked along a similar vein and they are simply brilliant.

The show is good, but when they go off the rails just a little bit it really is where they shine.

Monster of the Week

The part that is truly great about Supernatural is the monster of the week. Whatever is happening in the overarching story we always end up coming back to the monster of the week. The overarching story is good, but there is something comforting about going back to baseline; two brothers, an Impala, and fighting the good fight to save people.

Some of the monsters that they have done on the show have been really interesting. Now there are the standard demons and ghosts, but it is the creativity with some of the monsters that has been truly genius. I think some of my favorite characters has actually been the representation of gods from mythology. It is really interesting to think how the old myths would be represented in a modern age.

Keep Watching?

Well if what I have written here is not evidence enough I have really enjoyed watching Supernatural and will try to keep watching it. Now it is difficult because we do have a lot of shows that we are watching right now, but it is also great because it has become another show that I can watch without David, even though there are some episodes that he really needs to watch. In particular I finally got to see the episodes with Felicia Day and that just made my geeky heart squeal.


2 responses to “Catching Up on Supernatural

  1. Nothing strange about it…I also just caught up on Supernatural this year. And I agree, the meta-episodes tend to be the best ones. I am just glad that it seems as if the show has found its footing again because, let’s be honest here, while season 6 as a promising twist at the end which elevated the whole season (which was a little bit directionless overall), it was wasted in season 7 (easily the worst of them all, honestly, you have such a great set-up and you decide to go for black goo instead?) and it took until season 11 until I was truly satisfied with a season again.

    Also, I think the whole concept of purgatory isn’t really thought through. So not only did those poor people get the life ruined by getting turned by a werewolf or vampire, they are then forced to spend eternity in a lesser version of hell? Poor Madison….


  2. I kinda stumbled on it myself earlier this year, and was immediately intrigued. It’s like the male version of “Charmed” and with a deeper subtext. In all the episodes I’ve watched–intermittently as TNT/TBS (?) shows them–the seasons don’t seem to change and fall in value. I haven’t seen them all, but it’s another DVD set to add to my want list. 🙂



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