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Meme Monday Episode 2: I Am Not a Pretty Cosplayer, But I Am Your Internet Captain

Happy Monday, loyal followers. This week, I want to continue our journey started only seven days ago and run through a few more of my favorite sources for funny and/or tasteless memes. Think of me sort of like the driver of the Magic School Bus, and tasteless Internet memes like the human circulatory system. Yeah.


Cosplayer Karen Roberson

Except that isn’t me. That’s cosplayer Karen Roberson, and you should check out her page at Karen Cosplays. Moving on. . .

Do your interests run toward the horrific or bizarre with a dash of humor? Then Cthulhu Hand Luke may be just your bag. Here, you see their strong suit—they can take something commonplace or innocent (such as a little girl observing a gigantic manatee at an aquarium), and add a little something to it to make you uncomfortable. Some of their content is not for the squeamish, but if your meme interests run toward the fancifully dark, check them out.


Meme taken from Cthulhu Hand Luke on Facebook

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? 80s/90s nostalgia? Insightful observations from anime characters that hit a little too close to home sometimes? Let me introduce you to the prince of all skinny jeans, Hipster Vegeta.


Meme taken from Hipster Vegeta on Facebook

Though this page doesn’t post as often as others, their content is usually pretty funny. I’d recommend giving them a follow, especially since the page seems to be going through a growth period right now. Anyone who is a fan of Dragon Ball Z, and/or Team Four Star‘s content, will enjoy it.

You can also find passably funny memes in unexpected locations, such as official or semi-official fan pages and news sources. A Marvel throwback joke is presented below without further comment.


Meme taken from Marvel Universe Rocks My World on Facebook

Check out Marvel Universe Rocks My World and the many, many others subcategories of *Blank* Rocks My World available from similar creators for more laughs.

Thanks for stopping by and giving me a read. Share your own thoughts and memes below in the comments. Next week, we’ll begin a journey through early Internet meme history. Stay tuned!